What You Need To Know If Your Car Is In A Flood

When your car is in a flood, it is important to know what you have to do to stay alive. According to reports published by the National Weather Service, almost half of all flood-related deaths occur in vehicles.

However, there is nothing to be gained from panicking. You should first proceed to remove your jacket and outer clothing. Even when the car is submerged deep into the water, you should have enough time to unbuckle your seat belts and escape. You should have at least a minute before the power accessories in your car stop functioning. Hence, you have enough time to unlock the doors or open the windows. If you can´t get the windows to open and need to have the doors unlocked, that will be quite tricky. The pressure of the water needs to be equal both inside and outside of the car. Therefore, you may need to wait till the water level rises to your neck before attempting to open the doors. Sure, it sounds frightening but that is the only way you´ll be able to escape through the doors. Read More

Be Careful!!! Things Car Thieves Know That You Don´t

car thieves

According to reliable sources, around a million vehicles are ostensibly stolen in America each year. Of course, you wouldn´t want to become a victim of vehicle theft now, would you? After all, who would want to drown in paperwork and lose money? And, worst of all, if you are attached to your car – the car you have spent hours on upgrading, having your beloved car stolen could be really depressing. However, you need not lose your sleep over worrying about the safety of your vehicle as we have listed some tips to help safeguard your vehicle. Here are things car thieves know that you probably don´t! Read More