Buy Car Insurance Online Or Through An Agency?

You are not doing yourself any favor if you don´t purchase car insurance. All drivers in almost every state in America are legally obligated to have liability coverage. Failure to have car insurance could lead to harsh punishment including imprisonment, community service, driver´s license suspension, vehicle registration suspension, and mandatory SR22 insurance. Hence, it is imperative for you to buy car insurance.

buy car insurance online or through an agency

When it comes to purchasing car insurance, you have the benefit of selecting from various different options that offer different coverage types and limits. However, there are primarily only two different ways you can purchase car insurance—you can either buy car insurance online or through an agency. So, which route would be better for you? Technically speaking, there is no right or wrong answer since both the routes have their own benefits and drawbacks. In the end, making the choice all comes down to personal preferences.  Do allow us to elucidate to help make your decision easier.

Why you should buy car insurance through an agency

car insurance through an agency

You will be dealing with an agent when purchasing car insurance through an agency. These agents are generally well-versed on the products, policies, and discounts offered by the agency. You can speak directly to the agent and tell him/her what you are looking for, allowing the agent to identify the right package for you, in turn, maximizing your discounts. The agents can outline the coverage options that best address the exposures to risk faced by you. And, should you have any trouble, the agent can offer the best suggestions, steering you through the complicated nuances of the world of insurance, to your benefit. Basically, when speaking with an agent, you can ask detailed questions that wouldn´t have been possible had you purchased the car insurance online.

Why you shouldn´t purchase car insurance through an agency

However, when purchasing the car insurance through the agency, you will be getting a single quote, limiting your options and not giving you any indication of what the best deal is. Then, in order to compare the deals you would have to visit other agencies which can be an ordeal. Buying the insurance policy through an agency can also be quite exorbitant. You will also be dependent on the agent to push your claim through and if you are unfortunate enough to have an agent who is unwilling to give his all, you could face problems.

Why you should purchase car insurance online

car insurance online

Purchasing car insurance online has been gaining rapid popularity in the recent years owing to the massive development of technology. It is a lot more convenient for you to purchase a car insurance policy online at the privacy of your home. Purchasing car insurance online would mean that you are buying a direct policy through a particular site. You will be saving a good amount of money when purchasing a car insurance policy online; it is because there aren´t people profiting from commissions through the sale of the policies. The entire process also involves less paperwork, thus allowing the company to save on operation costs, in turn, providing you with a lower rate on the car insurance policy. Car insurance policies when bought online simply offers cheaper premium than offline policies. Buying a policy offline requires a lot of time and filling of physical documents. The processing of information is therefore, a lot slower. Purchasing car insurance online would get you your policy instantly.

Why you shouldn´t purchase car insurance online 

However, purchasing car insurance online does have its drawbacks. You are not provided the assistance of an expert when making the purchase. Basically, you are on your own and you will have to be on the lookout for everything on your own including discounts, additional savings, and better deals etc., which can be quite time consuming as well. You will undoubtedly save money if you take this route but you will also need to invest your time towards understanding and researching insurance coverages. Therefore, when you purchase the car insurance online, you must be able to quote, compare and select insurance that fits your need. You are your own advisor and must be able to select from the coverages and options available that are appropriate for the exposures to risk you face. Of course, there is always a scare when purchasing online insurance; you will be submitting your private financial information to a site that may simply be a scam. Therefore, you should ensure that the company website you are dealing with is genuine and secure.

Making the decision

As stated earlier, in the end, making the decision all comes down to personal preferences. If you are one that doesn´t trust everything on the web, one who doesn´t mind paying a little extra, and would rather have a sit down and one-on-one interaction with an agent who would provide you with undivided attention, who would come to your doorstep and collect the papers and check, and who would help you get maximum claim in lesser time, then your choice is already made.

However, if you don´t have plenty of cash to burn, would rather trust yourself to find the best deal online, and don´t care about personal interaction at all, you should go ahead and purchase a direct policy through a particular site.