Be Careful!!! Things Car Thieves Know That You Don´t

car thieves

According to reliable sources, around a million vehicles are ostensibly stolen in America each year. Of course, you wouldn´t want to become a victim of vehicle theft now, would you? After all, who would want to drown in paperwork and lose money? And, worst of all, if you are attached to your car – the car you have spent hours on upgrading, having your beloved car stolen could be really depressing. However, you need not lose your sleep over worrying about the safety of your vehicle as we have listed some tips to help safeguard your vehicle. Here are things car thieves know that you probably don´t!

1. Thieves know about your hiding spots

Thieves know about your hiding spots. Whether it is the center console, glove compartment, change tray, or door etc., the thieves will check into every nook and cranny of the car and locate your spare key.  Hence, it is advisable to not keep spare keys in your car.  Technically speaking, if thieves find your key and steal it, it is not a felony; it is simply called joyriding and categorized as a misdemeanor, making it less risky for the thief. Surely, you wouldn’t want to make it easier for the thief to steal your car now, would you?

2. Be careful where you park your car

parking garages

It is advisable for you to park your car in front of houses and in driveways. Thieves generally avoid stealing cars from these public places because of the wide open spaces. However, they target vehicles that are parked in isolated areas such as carports, parking garages, underground parking, and apartment buildings and complexes. It is because those parking spaces allow them to have their pick of the bunch; those places are also usually quiet, allowing the thieves to operate smoothly without having to worry about intruders.

3. Thieves hate cars parked in a certain way

best way car parked

You will increase your chances of safeguarding your vehicle even if you park right. All that is required for you to do is to turn the wheels into the kerb when parking on a road turn. And, if you have your car parked in a car park, you should ensure that the wheels are facing towards another car. Sure, it can take a little effort getting out of such tight situations, but if it is difficult for you, it is difficult for the thieves too. And, thieves absolutely hate the idea of stealing a car that is difficult to move around.

4. What else do thieves hate?

Well, car thieves are not big fans of alarms, interlopers, kill switches, etched window alarms, security cameras, and the daytime. They hate everything that brings them attention.

Hence, they only usually conduct their businesses in the wee hours of the morning, when most people are soundly asleep. Even a sticker that reads, ¨Beware of tracker, the owner can track this car¨, can unnerve a thief. When installing etched window alarms, factory-fitted ones are your safest bet. What is it about kill switches that thieves hate? Well, kill switches when hidden well can take up too much of a thief´s time to deactivate, discouraging him/her from stealing that particular car. A kill switch is a mechanism that switches off the car abruptly, usually disrupting the operation of the battery or ignition.

5. Thieves target particular vehicles for particular jobs

Thieves that excel in ram-raiding usually target vehicles that boast of dark paint jobs, usually to ensure that they blend in with the other vehicles on the road. The robbers also favor strongly built vehicles that boast of large bumpers and tow bars. Thieves also usually steal white vans because of the anonymity they provide, just for the purpose of transporting stolen goods.

6. There are specific car models that thieves seek for

civic model

Some car models are easier to steal than others. In addition to that, there are specific car models that have great resale value. Therefore, these car models when stolen are usually sold in parts because of the demand. Recent reports published by the National Insurance Crime Bureau stated that the Honda Civics and Honda Accords were the top most stolen cars in America. Some other vehicles that are relatively easy to steal include vehicles manufactured by Honda, Toyota, Acura, and General Motors.

7. What do you know about valet keys?

valet keys

Most people are not aware of the fact that some vehicles have valet keys that can be used to unlock the car´s side door and get the engine of the car running. Car thieves know which particular vehicle boasts of a valet key and where it is located. Some valet keys are located inside the owner´s manual. Some BMW models usually have a valet key placed in the car´s tool kit located in the trunk.

8. Never leave the window open, not even by one inch!

window open

A car thief doesn´t need much to work in his/her favor to steal a car. Leaving the window open by even one inch can make things a lot easier for a car thief. Therefore, if you are one who regularly leaves the window open a wee bit to allow better circulation of air, you are encouraging thieves to steal your car. Be aware that if a thief can stick his fingers in, he/she will be able to steal the car.