We stand by our customers.
We deliver on our promises.
We go above and beyond.
Charlie Hall, AM General
President and CEO

A formidable JLTV-focused team, with decisive leadership at the top.

Starting with President and CEO Charlie Hall, AM General’s management team is intensely focused on delivering the finest Joint Light Tactical Vehicle to military customers. The chain of command is short, meaning unmatched agility in decision making. Only AM General brings the advantage of a nimble, highly focused private company. We invest in the future, conduct our own rigorous testing, select the best technology partners, make assured decisions swiftly, and offer unique flexibility in production. Our LTV-focused supplier network is second to none, with over 1,400 suppliers stretching across 43 states. These include leading automotive technology companies, plus more than 1,000 small businesses and hundreds of minority-owned, women-owned, military service-disabled and other veteran-owned companies.

Partnering with and for the benefit of 21st-century warfighters.

From headquarters to factory floor, our team shares a singular focus on each customer. BRV-O® represents decades of self-funded investments, testing and engineering innovation at AM General. We work closely with U.S. military program managers. We listen to the U.S. Soldiers and Marines who come to train at our technical and off-road facilities. Our deployed Field Representatives listen to military commanders, operators and depot personnel in combat theaters. And many members of our workforce, management team and supplier base are military veterans themselves. The net result is the BRV-O JLTV: an innovative Light Tactical Vehicle that applies lessons from the past, is fully ready in the present, and anticipates the future. We thank all of our military customers for the insights they have shared and for their dedicated service to our nation.

The global leader in Light Tactical Vehicle innovation and expertise.

AM General is the undisputed world leader in LTV design, engineering, systems integration, production and support. It’s our DNA. That’s why our LTVs are employed by the security forces of more than 50 nations around the world, as well as every branch of the U.S. armed forces. In one of the U.S. military’s most successful, cost-effective procurement programs, we delivered more than 250,000 of the venerable High-Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicles in more than 60 versions to meet a wide range of missions and conditions. Today, we continue to produce HMMWVs for international customers along with our Multi-Role Light Tactical Vehicle, the Deployable Reconnaissance Ground Network Vehicle, and the Ground Mobility Vehicle – among many others. Never standing still, always listening to our customers, and investing millions of our own dollars in research and development, we developed BRV-O® (Blast-Resistant Vehicle – Off-Road) to ensure that our U.S. Soldiers and Marines will prevail and be protected on the 21st-century battlefield, wherever that may be.

Trust AM General.

Not everyone can build an effective Light Tactical Vehicle for decades of military missions. Only AM General brings the necessary experience and DNA to the JLTV program, including:

  • The ability to bring together the right balance of performance, protection and payload at an affordable price.
  • The systems engineering expertise necessary to integrate thousands of vital components in a compact, rugged and highly mobile platform.
  • The life-cycle experience to maximize commonality of components and squeeze extra mileage from a high-performance engine in order to save millions of dollars over 20 years of fleet operation.
  • And the world-class, agile and quality focused manufacturing capabilities that delivered one of the most successful military vehicle programs in recent history – with consistent quality, pricing and product delivery for over 25 years.

Today, we are more agile, more innovative and more capable than ever. And our dedicated and currently operating LTV production line is ready to build the BRV-O® JLTV immediately, should the protection of national interests require that need.